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The classical lines amaze - from the driving position as well as it being moored to the dock.
NOX shines in all areas, taking corners with full throttle or taking it to maximum speed.

This driving enjoyment sets new standards.

Technical Details

  • Year of construction: 2013
  • 70 Workinghours
  • Mercruiser V6, 4.5l 250PS -> 85 km/h
  • Weight 1000 Kg, full tank
  • Length: 6,8 m Width: 2,08 m


  • Sideblanking made of mahogany sapelli
  • 8 Layers of high gloss paint
  • Bathing platform with underwater lighting and extending ladder
  • Skirting boards all around and bow made from stainless steel
  • Hinged fittings made from stainless steel
  • Panoramic windscreen made of Lexan
  • Silver-Graphit coated bottom


  • U-Shaped bench for up to 6 people + standing aid for the steers man Upholstery made from stepped marinegrade skaileather
  • Mahogany steering wheel
  • Dashboard paint out of wengé and illuminated glove box
  • Floor oiled in hondurasteak
  • Storage under the seats with separate capacity for waterskis. Storage in bow area
  • Indirect Lighting

Technical Features

  • Red / Green LED illumination retractable, white LED revolving light
  • Horn
  • Electric bilge pump
  • Analog instrument cluster (RPM/s, GPS Speedometer, Voltage etc.)
  • Pre-installation for radio
  • On-board power system with 12V, 60 Ah

Optional Equipment

  • Deck-Sideplaning made of wengé
  • Securityglas windscreen with stainless steel framing
  • Real leather upholstery
  • Foldable bimini out of stainless steel
  • Table made of mahogany, reconfigurable to act as daybed add-on
  • Combined habour-and trailer persenning
  • Bow-headlight
  • Fridge
  • Audio-system
  • Antifouling-coating
  • Bigger batterypack (electric variant)
  • Trailer

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BootOx 4.6

 BootOx 4.6 Header

BootOx inkl. TrailerBootOx Detail Shot


BootOx is the fully equipped compact class
The simple handling - no matter while trailering or on water - delights.
Unreached efficiency combined with sporty dynamics.
This is made possible by our patented sandwich method by Rivers & Tides, which allows for an extremely light weight of just 450 kg. The innovative and universal charakter is good for sporty driving, but also chilled cruising with up to 5 occupants.

The boat is in "as new" condition. The outborder will have an inspection and get's new impellers before being sold.
This boat is sold with a 1 year warranty.

BootOx 4.6 MotorBootOx 4.6 Interior

Technical Details

  • Year of construction: 2012
  • 15 Workinghours as demonstrator
  • 50PS Honda Outborder -> 60+ km/h
  • Weight 450 Kg, full tank
  • Length: 4,6 m Width: 1,8 m

Optional Equipment 

  • Back to Back Bench in Chocobrown made of Skai-Leather
  • Hull: Mahogany with 8 - layers of high-gloss clearcoat
  • Persenning
  • Trailer included
      (750Kg, 100 km/h, TÜV)

Technical Equipment

  • Horn
  • Red/green light and white rotating light
  • Bilgepump 
  • GPS - Tachometer
  • Instruments by Honda

BootOx 4.6 beautyBootOx 4.6 Detail


28.990,- € 

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Header Shiver

Shiver is a combination of timeless elegance and extraodinary practicality, for everyone that values exclusivity.

Thanks to a very clever and innovative design, the two seating rows can easily be transformed into a lying surface

The high performance Torqeedo Deep Blue 80PS engine is extremely powerful, but efficient at the same time!

Sold by the customers order

Shiver LiegeflächeShiver Top

Technical Details

  • Year of construction: 2014
  • 30 Workinghours
  • Torqeedo Deep Blue 80 PS Electric Engine
  • 2x batteries with an output of 30,5 kWh
  • Weight 1.200 Kg (full tank)
  • Length: 7,1 m Width: 2,0 m

Extensive Optional Equipment

  • Persenning
  • Trailer included
    (1,8 Tonne, 100 km/h, TÜV)

Technical Equipment

  • Electrically retractable table
  • Extendable laying surface
  • VA Bathing Ladder
  • Stereo
  • Mobile fridge
  • & more

Shiver SteuerShiver Seite

Shiver Front


118.000,- €

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Palena Jet

Palena header


"Form Follows Function" Palena offers the best use of space in its class! It's an extremely enjoyable boat and thanks to its jet-drive, it's good for use on shallow waters. (Just 25cm are enough!) A real bargain, fully equipped!
The boat is sold by Rivers and Tides and gets a 1 year warranty.

Palena Jet FrontPalena Jet 6.2

Technical Details

  • Year of construction: 2011
  • 20 Workinghours
  • 100PS Weber Jet Engine -> 65 km/h
  • Weight 750 Kg (full tank)
  • Length: 6,2 m Width: 1,89 m

Optional Equipment 

  • Stereo with 4 speakers
  • Tisch, removable
  • Extendable laying surface in bow area
  • Hardtop, removable
  • Persenning
  • Trailer included (1.200 Kg, 100 km/h, TÜV)
  • Teakboden
  • & more

Technical Details 

  • Horn
  • red/green Light and white rotating light
  • Bilgepump, automatic

Palena HeckPalena Seite


37.000,- €

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Palena 6.4 200

Palena 6.4 200 header

 This boat is amazing, real 100 km/h speed, and still efficient with a lot of space and comfort. The boat is extremely stable and takes corners like being on rails. Its acceleration justifies its price!

This boat was reinforced to endure the high speeds. It has proven itself during its 4 years since it was built.

It is sold by Rivers and Tides with a 1 year warranty.

Upon request: Torqeedo 4kW Auxilary drive with 2 batteries.

Technical Details

  • Year of construction: 2014
  • 80 Workinghours
  • 200 PS Evinrude Outborder -> 100 km/h!
  • Weight 900 Kg (full tank)
  • Length: 6,4 m Width: 1,98 m

Optional Equipment

  • Fishing rod holder
  • Addtional storage for fishing rods
  • Turnable seats
  • Railing
  • Stereo with 4 speakers
  • Integrated Fridge
  • Fishfinder
  • Water-Ski bracket, removable
  • Bimini
  • Trailer included (1.600 Kg, 100 km/h, TÜV)

Technical Equipment

  • Horn
  • red/green light and white rotating light
  • Bilge pump, automatic


74.990,- €

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