Pebbles4.2 / 4.6

PEBBLES - Komfort, Style und Dynamik auf kleinstem Raum

Pebbles- Comfort, Style and Dynamics in the Smallest Space

The ultralight (hull weight 80 kg!) guarantees maximum pleasure, even using small engines. Pebbles 4.2 can get into glide ride, just using the smallest license free 5PS engine. It can reach over 50 km/h using a 30PS engine. These driving dynamics are similar to that of a jetski - just dry and safe! Love to details and perfect craftsmanship guarantee a lot of delight, even outside the waters. The pride of ownership grows beyond the measurements of this small piece of jewelry.

  • Specifications

  • General Information

    Overall length 4,60 m
    Overall witdh 1,68 m
    Overall weight (without engine) 100 kg
    Maximum load capacity 4 people
    Draft nearly none
    Loaded draft 0,30 m
    CE-Certification Class C with 4 people


    Engine Outborder up to 30PS
    V-Max Outborder 30PS - 50km/h
    Electric Outborder:
    13 kWH - 50 km/h
    Eccura 8 kWH - 35 km/h with 2 people
    Torqeedo Cruise 4.0 - 20 km/h with 1 person
  • Equipment


    Side blanking in 8-layered high gloss face veneer mahogany sapelli


    • Stainless steel fittings
    • Brookland-windscreen (roadster windscreen)
    • Silver-Graphit coated bottom with speedrails


    • Back-To-Back-Bench for up to 4 people, foldable to act as lying surface. (142x180cm) Upholstery in marine grade skai leather
    • Veneered dashboard
    • Mahagony steering wheel
    • Storage under the seats
    • Flooring oiled in teak with plaster strip
    • Padded coaming

    Optional Equipment

    • Perspex windscreen
    • Red / Green lighting in stainless steel housing
    • White revolving light / flag stick holder
    • Radio preparation + 2 speakers
    • Horn
    • Stainless steel skirting boards
    • Persenning (also available as engine cover)
    • Equipmentline (3 Fenders with leash, foldable anchor 5kg with 20m anchorleash, combined paddel/boathook, fire-extinguisher)
    • Handtrolley
    • Trailer